Radar on Hypersonic Ballistic Range


   Anacapa Associates and Anacapa North have assisted in a series of test flights at the Aerophysics Research Center, University of Alabama, Huntsville.  A 35 GHz radar was observing a series of hypersonic impacts into
specialized targets.

   Anacapa North developed and applied software for this radar data processing.  The results were then used for data interpretation and kill assessment.



   Doppler-time intesity  of the hypsersonic impact, as seen by the 35 GHz radar.  The projectile is coming from the left with a velocity of 5km/s. Doppler velocity change is due to the changes in the radar line of sight.  The color bar is frequency spectrum intensity of the radar return in dB.   After impact (at 11,400 microseconds) the projectile disappears and the post-impact debris are visible.

















                              35GHz Radar












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