Real-Time Statistical Dipole Clutter Model


   A statistical clutter model that calculates the RCS of dipole clutter as a function of time and range  in real time was developed.  Analytic expressions for quantities such as the number of dipoles as a function of time and range and the average spectra were calculated.  These expresssions were used along with the proprietary technique developed for the wake and atmosphere simulations and mean values obtained from the full clutter model  to develop a technique that can generate random dipole clutter realizations in real time. This model can be used for testing the radar in the loop as well as for the testing of discrimination algorithms where a large number of clutter realizations are required.

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   Comparison of the analytic expression (red) of the number of dipoles as a function of time for the 1m gate, with the average of 5 realizations of  the full clutter simulation (blue).   

   This was calculated for a range gate that Is 1m from the dipole release area. The analytic expression is independently

calculated for each range gate.