Verification of the Radar Cross Section  Codes


   In 1999 and 2006 the current computational electromagnetic codes were evaluated in order to determine their accuracy and regions of validity.  The codes that were evaluated were a Method of Moments (MoM) code, Wire Code (MoM code specialized for thin wires) Xpatch (both 1999 and 2006 versions), Lucernehammer (physical Optics code) and Galaxy (MoM code that is part of the Lucernhammer package. The results were compared to theoretical solutions (such as Mie Series) and data (such as the RCS metal cone measurements and results from the “Radar Cross Section Handbook” by Ruck, Barrick and Krichbaum).

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                    Calculation of the RCS of a 8 degree metal cone,
                normalized diameter is 1.33, normalized length is 9.51




            Calculation of the RCS of a metal sphere